Summer’s Over

Well summer’s over…

It seems as though summer is officially ending..but don’t have those summer time blues! Why not take up a brand new life skill or continue your BSL journey with Teach Me Sign as lots of students have done!

Teach Me Sign started the Certificate in BSL level 3 last week in London and welcomed 10 marvellous new students as well as starting the BSL Level 2 course in Southampton where we welcomed the fantastic 7.

Currently there is **1** place left on the BSL Level 2 London course which starts in November.

If you are a beginner stay tuned as we will be releasing details for new BSL level 1 courses soon!

Online! We are enrolling for fully accredited BSL Online courses across levels 1,2 and 3 with Teach Me Sign. Ideal for those who cannot commit to a part time evening course.

So signers! Get in touch if you want some more information and we will be on hand to assist you.

Have a lovely weekend!