BSL Courses

BSL Level 1


  • iBSL awarded British Sign Language level 1
  • Ideal for beginners who want to learn BSL
  • iBSL1A1: Receptive Skills - You will lean how to understand sign language
  • iBSL1A2: Descriptive Skills - You will learn how to sign and give a presentation in BSL
  • iBSL1A3: Conversational Skills - You will learn how to communicate with others in sign language

BSL Level 2


  • iBSL awarded British Sign Language level 2
  • Ideal for those looking to further their skills in BSL
  • iBSL2A1: Receptive Skills - You will develop your understanding of sign language
  • iBSL2A3: You will develop your signing skills and give a presentation on a work-related or social/community activity of your choice
  • iBSL2A3: You will develop your conversational skills in BSL when in a 1:1 situation
  • iBSL2A4: You will develop your conversational skills when in a group situation

BSL Level 3


  • Suitable for those who hold a British sign language level 2 certificate
  • Ideal for those who are looking to be professionals within the Deaf community
  • Qualified and highly supportive tutoring
  • iBSL3AUN: You will learn how to understand BSL in a range of work and social contexts
  • iBSL3ASN: You will develop your ability to express information, ideas and opinions in a range of work and social contexts
  • iBSL3ADC: You will build a knowledge of the study of language structure and culture in BSL

BSL Level 4


  • Fully accredited by IBSL
  • Supportive and engaging teaching to ensure a brilliant learning experience along with online resource
  • Ideal for anyone who has completed level 3 with iBSL
  • Ideal for CSW's and aspiring interpreters

BSL Level 6


  • Suited to those who want to learn to sign professionally or become BSL interpreters
  • Course assessor is Deaf and uses BSL as first language
  • Fully accredited by iBSL
  • Fun and well structured sessions for your continued development
  • Entry requirements: Interview with course assessor and BSL Level 3

BSL Linguistics


  • Students will learn in-depth knowledge of BSL linguistic matching that to Unit 320 from iBSL
  • Ideal for those who are seeking to learn BSL linguistics or work within the Deaf community
  • To be familiar with the grammar and structure of BSL
  • Engaging and interesting learning
  • 9 years British Sign Language teaching experience
  • Accredited by iBSL

BSL Intense Courses

Crash Courses

  • Available for both levels 1 & 2
  • Ideal for those who cannot commit to a part time course
  • Each course split into 3 units
  • Continued support throughout your course
  • Accredited by Signature
  • Fun and interactive teaching!
  • Previous 99% pass rate
  • Accredited by iBSL

BSL Online

Live Tutor

  • Suitable for those unable to attend evening classes
  • Level 1 and 2 available
  • A live tutor will be there to instruct you
  • Maximum of three per session
  • Online learning activities provided in addition to live tutoring
  • Fully accredited by iBSL