British Sign Language Level 6 – Online

Course Objectives

  • Develop your BSL vocabulary, grammar and fluency.
  • Better understand BSL linguistics theory.
  • Build on your receptive skills to be able to understand BSL in a variety of situations.
  • Be able to discuss, debate and present in BSL with full professional proficiency.


  • Medicine
  • Education
  • Employment and Business
  • Finance
  • Politics and Law
  • Media
  • Science and Technology


  • Fully accredited by Signature
  • Ideal for those who are looking to be professionals within the Deaf community, such as BSL interpreters.
  • Learn to use and understand complex BSL in a range of work and social situations.
  • Supportive and engaging teaching to ensure a brilliant learning experience along with our online resources.
  • Suitable for those who have achieved BSL Level 4.

Course Content

  • LO1: Use receptive and productive skills to engage in all types of complex social interaction.
  • LO2: Use and understand complex language, and maintain fluency, grammatical accuracy and coherence in sustained contributions containing complex language.
  • LO3: Understand sustained signed discourse containing complex language.
  • LO4: Use reference sources to confirm or clarify the meaning of signs.

Feature of Your Online Course

As a student of Teach Me Sign, you will have access to amazing online resources such as videos, quizzes and tests that will help practice your signing from the comfort of your own home to ensure your learning experience is a successful one.

We never compromise quality; your online learning will be of the same high standard we use in all our classes. We encourage and support our student’s and are on hand to contact via email or phone.

BSL Level 6

Wednesday 18th September 2024


Starts: Wednesday 18th September 2024

When: 10:00am - 1:00pm weekly on Wednesdays

Course duration: 35 weeks

Accredited by: Signature

Venue: Online

Online resources available: Yes

Required number of students: 3

Payment Options: Available to pay in instalments

If this online course is not suitable, our London courses are available here